​LeBron James came ready to give his annual reminder that he's still The King on Monday night.

The Washington Wizards had no answer as James slammed, dished, and shot all over them on their home court.

It's possible that James wasn't even the top star for the Cleveland Cavaliers on Monday night, as much ballyhooed teammate Kevin Love matched him nearly shot for shot.

The 140-135 overtime victory over the Wizards was arguably the most entertaining game of the season, assisted by the incredible Hail Mary pass Love threw to James, followed by one of the most impressive shots seen in an NBA game this season.

Then Kyrie Irving shut the door with the game-tying and game-winning shots in overtime after LeBron fouled out.

In the long run, though, the game was important because it signaled that James is still the undisputed king of the NBA. Just when it seemed like he couldn't push his game any further, he recorded a career-high in assists with 17. He could've accumulated more if he didn't foul out of the game early in the overtime period.

After Monday night, it's worth remembering that the Cavs are the reigning champs and James is still The King.