​When thinking about commercials during the Super Bowl, people normally associate the biggest night in ads with humorous skits that spark the debate on which was the best. 

You know your usual suspects. Doritos, Budweiser clydesdales, Godaddy, they're all the same. 

Yet this year, Audi stole the show with their Drive for Progress commercial regarding equal pay for women. 

While the commercial was extremely powerful and moving, you had to wonder about its placement during the big game. Not because it didn't make anyone laugh, but because of the current issues revolving around the NFL and cheerleaders. 

The cheerleaders are suing the NFL about how excruciatingly low their pay is. 



The commercial comes at an interesting time, as cheerleaders are fighting to be paid more than the bare minimum.

There's a ton of work that goes into being a cheerleader. If you believe this is nothing more than shaking pom-poms and smiling, then you aren't aware of the physical qualifications and rigorous work it takes to become a cheerleader. 

It isn't a situation where these ladies are looking to make millions. They just want to make more than the minimum wage they're currently receiving. You can get more serving fries at McDonalds than you can representing an NFL franchise. 

Hopefully, this all leads to what the Audi commercial was preaching in the first place--progress.

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