Faker adds another accolade to his historic esports career, he is the highest record holding single streamer on Twitch. It shouldn't be a surprise considering how respected he is all over the world in the League of Legends community.

With over 245,000 views on his first day, Faker has wasted no time in solidifying his Twitch career. 

The opportunity for this phenomenal event comes as Azubu ended the contracts it had with SKT. In late 2014, SKT players were exclusive to the Azubu streaming platform. 

The recording breaking stream topped big time esports events, beating out EVO and the Overwatch Open in concurrent viewership. Faker's big time stream should clear a path for other big time personalities who are making their debut season with SKT. Huni was already a big time favorite in NA during his time with Immortals and Peanut saw a big boost in popularity during 2016 Worlds.

Move over Doublelift and Bjergsen, there's new kids on the block.