Over the course the fifteen seasons that he spent in the NFL, few players were as out spoken as Terrell Owens. Both on and off the field, T.O. ruffled some feathers and definitely made some enemies. As loved and hated as Owens is, he put up numbers like no one else in the league. At the end of the day, Terrell Owens belongs in the Hall of Fame and these three stats prove it.

1. Receptions

Owens was a reliable target in the NFL for a decade and a half with different teams. T.O. closed his career with a total of 1,078 receptions over 219 career games. This total puts him at 8th on the all-time receptions list. Many former receivers have gotten into the Hall of Fame on much weaker numbers in this category.

​​2. Receiving Yards 

Terrell Owens' Hall of Fame resume does not stop at career receptions. Those 1,078 receptions resulted in a remarkable 15,934 career receiving yards for T.O. The only player in the history of the NFL with more receiving yards than Owens is Hall of Famer and former teammate, Jerry Rice. Anyone that can say they are second only to Jerry Rice deserves a spot in the Hall of Fame.

​​3. Receiving Touchdowns

The final jewel on the Terrell Owens Hall of Fame crown is the most important stat of them all. All of those catches and yards that Owens racked up over the course of his career put him in the endzone 153 times. This total is 3rd-most receiving touchdowns all time which, by itself, warrants a bust in Canton.

Terrell Owens' career totals in receptions, yards, and touchdowns could individually get a receiver into the Hall of Fame. When you put these three stats together, it's simply an injustice to keep someone that good out of the the Hall of Fame.