​When Season 2 of Street Fighter V arrived and Chun Li was nerfed in epic fashion, Joe "MOV" Egami was one of the top Chun Li players who stuck with the character and tried to make it work.

I would assume, like most Chun Li players, the thought process behind sticking with her wasn't just character loyalty, but thinking that, despite nerfs to her offense, mid range pressure, fireball recovery, move speed and anti-airs, there was still enough there to be competitive.

While that may still be the case for some, MOV seems to be waving the white flag after a month of trying. Recent videos show that MOV has been kicking ass with a different female character -- his old Street Fighter IV main, Ibuki.

​​Joe maintains his same bull dog style with Ibuki that he had with Chun Li. Calm, calculated and effective pressure that capitalizes off the slightest of mistakes used to be one of Chun's calling cards in Season 1, but now Ibuki is more fit to play that style. 

Chun Li is an average character in Season 2, so I would predict that many people will be dropping her until she is improved.