​Who doesn't love a new episode of Bad Lip Reading?

The NFL obviously involves a lot of talking in front of cameras. This is a game of communication, and if you aren't talking, you're falling behind. That makes it a gold mine for the folks over at Bad Lip Reading to work with. 

This latest episode was glorious. 

Yes, the 2017 season highlight reel of Bad Lip Reading has finally dropped on the internet. If you're a fan of watching someone say funny things while your favorite NFL player moves his lips, then you're in luck. 

There's nothing better than watching Tom Brady accusing his offensive linemen of stealing his nickels. As a Jets fan, my favorite part of the video was when Todd Bowles actually sounded like Todd Bowles. Aaron Rodgers was also a star. 

Buckle up and enjoy this six-minute classic over and over. You may miss something the first time around.