​Saban gonna Saban. 

Since taking over the football program at the University of Alabama back in 2007, Nick Saban has created a powerhouse of a program down south, brining numerous National Championships and a spot in every college football playoff so far. 

Now, Saban has been tasked with building yet another incredible team of the future through his recruiting class this year. Needless to say, he got the job done. 

​​If that sounds impressive, that's because it is. But it actually is much more incredible than that. 

The Alabama Crimson Tide not only brought in the most recruits in one class since 2006, but they actually smashed the record for most ESPN 300 recruits in a single class... EVER. 

​​As I said, Saban gonna Saban folks. 

Get ready for quite a few more years of Alabama dominance. 

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