​Lady Gaga is trying to pull out all the stops in order to put on the greatest Super Bowl Halftime Show of all time. 

We've been in suspense for weeks wondering what Mother Monster is going to pull off. The rumors have been swirling constantly, from who will join her, to what stunts she is and isn't allowed to pull off during her performance. 

There are reports that Lady Gaga plans on hanging from the roof, and that still might not be the biggest news yet. 

Gaga is rumored to be joined by Elton John for a David Bowie tribute. 


Having Elton John perform with Gaga is already huge. Having them remember the late, great, David Bowie could be the show-stealing performance we're looking for. 

Elton John and Lady Gaga are two of the strangest, yet most iconic global stars who have never performed at the Super Bowl. Those two, in tandem, might put on the performance of a lifetime.

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