​On Monday night, the NFL held their Super Bowl Opening Night event in prime time. While the star-studded affair was full of eye-opening quotes, perhaps none was as important or controversial than what one Patriots' star said about the team's impending White House visit should they win the big game.

Pats tight end Martellus Bennett has filled in admirably for Rob Gronkowski since the All-Pro's injury, but he's sure to receive plenty of fanfare (both positive and negative) for his comments on Monday night.

Bennett suggested that he would not visit Donald Trump in the White House with his team were the Patriots to win the Super Bowl.

Bennett was quite clear with his reasoning as to why he wouldn't go to the White House. This statement is sure to bring the 'stick to sports' crowd out of the woodwork by game time on Sunday.

Of course, Donald Trump's immigration ban has been a popular topic among political and sports circles over the past few days, and it's quite obviously on everyone's minds, even if they don't want to admit it.

Regardless of political opinion, it's Bennett's right to express his. In the end, it's also his decision as to how he wants to celebrate a potential Super Bowl win, and if he chooses to respect the current presidential administration.