​Martellus Bennett has stepped in admirably for the Patriots in the absence of star tight end Rob Gronkowski, but apparently he hasn't gotten nearly enough recognition.

Why is that, you might ask?

Well, it looks like not everyone knows how to spell his last name. At least the graphic designer at Kit Kat doesn't.

Yikes, how did they mess that one up?

The Bennett brothers are naturally hilarious, so of course Martellus couldn't let this one slide. I mean, seriously, who spells "Bennett" with just one t?

This is either a great comeback, or a face-palm of a marketing ploy by Bennett.

The Twitter community quickly came to Bennett's defense, as well.

Bennetts stick together, right?

Kit Kat freely admitted they made a mistake, apologizing to nearly everyone who called them out.

Apparently someone's job is at stake as well.

Surprisingly, Kit Kat knows how to bring the heat.

Ugh, this is all a marketing ploy, isn't it? This is why we can't have nice things. Regardless, this was a pretty epic exchange between Bennet and Kit Kat. Oops, meant Bennett.