After an offseason packed with rumors, the Dodgers second base decision seemed to boil down to a very obvious solution.

The options were "stick with a complete hole" (bad idea), "trade the farm for Brian Dozier" (sounds bad), or "add the very talented Logan Forsythe for a cheaper price" (preferable).

If MLB insiders are to be believed, the Dodgers are minutes away from making the right call.​​

​​However, it appears the return for Forsythe won't be quite as much of a bargain as some of us anticipated.

...And it's been announced.

Dodgers GM Andrew Friedman has now officially targeted Forsythe in his most recent two stops, including orchestrating the deal that brought him to Tampa Bay in the first place. But allowing De Leon, a 24-year-old hurler who posted a 2.61 ERA and 111 K's in 86.1 innings at Triple-A last year, to depart in a non-Dozier deal would result in an impressive and characteristic haul for the Rays.

​​But don't underrate Forsythe for even a second, as his AL East opponents could tell you vociferously.

This appears like it'll end up an evenly-matched deal, once the ink dries, against all odds. Meanwhile, the Twins sit on their Brian Dozier leverage for likely a bit too long once more.