​Allow Troy Aikman to introduce himself. 

We all know Aikman. He was the Cowboys star QB before he entered our lives as an analyst for Fox on Sundays. Every football fan knows Troy, as he's a part of their life for multiple weeks each season. 

Apparently, if you're a Jay Z fan, Aikman might be part of your life more than you even thought. 

Twitter is going off about how Aikman looks strangely similar to rapper Jay Z. 

And the lines are hilarious. 

​​It's a hard-knock life out there. 

​​But seriously, they do look alike in these photos. 

​​It's hard to know why it took this long for people to make the comparison, but it's clear as day. Troy Aikman weirdly looks exactly like Jay Z. 

Debate it as much as you want, but the evidence is clear. At least just by looking at that picture, these two couldn't look more alike. 

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