​The Atlanta Falcons dominated the Green Bay Packers by just a little bit. Just a small little smidge. 

While Matt Ryan and Co. were slicing through the Green Bay defense like butter, those good ol' Twitter folks were fast at it, fingers blazing across their keyboards with the hottest and funniest takes you could imagine. 

Cowboys fans certainly aren't happy watching this one. 

​​Of course, Green Bay fans aren't pleased either. 

If they want to see replays, they can find them here.  

Because, yeah, the Falcons dominated them like none other. 

​​We mean really dominated. 

​​Specifically Julio Jones, who was just unstoppable. 

​​And the Green Bay defense looked hopeless trying to stop him and the rest of the Falcons O. 

They made them look silly. ​​

​​Julio's even owning the fans at this point. 

​​In the end, it's just making everyone wonder what happened to the Packers. 

​​Did they remember they're not actually that great of a team?

​​Or did they just exit game?

Whatever it was, this game was over before the jokes started flying and the flops started happening. 

Maybe the Packers should si

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