​For Hearthstone players looking to unwind and take a break from their stressful ladder session, there's no better game mode than Tavern Brawl. The zany rule sets offer players unique ways to enjoy the game, sometimes even highlighting card interactions in ways that are otherwise impossible.

The current game mode is called "Spellbook Duel." Players select 10 cards, and each time they draw a new card, they also Discover one of the 10 cards they chose. 

It sounds fairly straight forward, but the card selection this provides allows for some hilarious and convoluted cheese.

In case you weren't keeping track, that was a nine card combo. When you've cast nine cards on turn two, you know something's up.

Shadowstep is one of the usual suspects when it comes to abusive combos, so what better partner is there than Abusive Sergeant? With this interaction, you don't actually need nine cards to cast cards. 

Bounce a few Sergeants targeting your Young Dragonhawk, combo a couple Cold Bloods, and boom. Lethal. You just got math'd.