​Earl Thomas ought to know better.

The star safety tweeted his angst at Tom Brady during New England's divisional playoff game, and the responses were predictable.

I mean, he had to see it coming right? The Hawks had just lost earlier on Saturday. Come on, bruh.

Here's the original tweet.

Ugh, you can just tell this is going to go horribly. Where do we start?

​​Sometimes simplicity is best, but this was far from the funniest.

That's the easiest burn of all time. I mean, come on man. Someone had to say it.

Don't believe him? Check with the expert.

Google is powerful, Earl. Now you know.

Wow, yeah he's still feeling that hit. Give the man a break, he's injured!

His play speaks for itself, right?

Oh, no. Somebody went for the throat.

​​Game over man. What do you have to say about all of this, Tom?

I don't know what that is, but there's no coming back from it. Tom just sprayed fairy dust all over yo ass.