​LeBron James is probably the hardest player to intentionally foul. He's just too big. He's a 6-foot-8, 250-pound locomotive with a head of steam rolling to the rim.

If you're going to foul him, you've got to do it hard or you put yourself at risk of an and-one every time. The officials know this.

LeBron's a bruiser who lives in the paint and is used to doing a lot of banging down low. Contact is something he's very familiar with, but all the while this season he feels he's consistently not gotten the calls he deserves.

Hm, I wonder why.

LeBron appears to have reached his boiling point, and Tuesday night lashed out at referee Tyler Ford late in the first quarter of the Cavs loss in Utah.

This earned him a rare technical foul (his second of the season), but did successfully put the officials on notice that The King is angry.

LeBron is a powerful and imposing force. He's going to take some shots, much like Shaq did at the height of his dominance.

His size, however, shouldn't stop him from being afforded protection from the officiating crew when he does take on more than necessary contact or from getting calls when he is clearly fouled. The referees have a tough job for sure, and it doesn't help that LeBron is now being vocal about his frustrations. 

Teammate Richard Jefferson had this to say:

"For a guy that spends as much time in the paint and drives and is aggressive as he is, for him to be bottom 15 in the league in free throw attempts given that he's the best player on the planet, four-time MVP, it's [disappointing]."

Hard to argue with that.