​Damian Lillard and D'Angelo Russell strike me as two of the more mild-mannered stars in the NBA. 

They're ballers, not fighters.

On Tuesday night however, they must have done just enough to get under each other's skin because they showed they have some dog in them.

Or, they could have merely been making dinner plans for after the game. I'll let you decide.

Alright, alright, break it up. Stare into each other's eyes on your own time. There's a game to be played.

Lillard would go on to drop 20 points, eight rebounds, and six assists en route to the Blazers slaughtering of the Lakers in LA. 

Tenth straight time? Is that right... 10 in a row? 

No wonder D'Angelo's so upset. Lillard's had his number ever since he came in the league. Anytime Russell sees Portland on the schedule he knows he's in for a long night. Tuesday was no different.

D'Angelo has to do something soon about this. The match-up itself is even more one-sided than the score was. D'Angelo only had nine points to Lillard's 20.

Thankfully though, D'Angelo won't have to wait too long to exact his revenge. The Lakers will see Portland again on the 25th. That should be good news, or is it?