​It's been a rough week for Derrick Rose.

The New York guard went missing Monday right before the Knicks got ready to take on the New Orleans Pelicans. He would later tell the team that he left due to a "family issue" and went home to Chicago to be with his mom.

According to a report, though, Rose was thinking about leaving the team for more than just 24 hours. 

​​Excuse me? Rose is 28 and is expected to get a huge free-agent contract this summer. But apparently he was struggling with a personal issue so much, he wanted to leave the Knicks and the NBA for a while.

Throughout his career, the poor guy has battled injury after injury, but when healthy, Rose is a showstopper.

But leaving the team on Monday without letting his coach or teammates know was definitely a bad look. 

​​He's back with New York, though, and will suit up for Wednesday's game at Philadelphia. 

The Knicks are 17-21 and 11th in the Eastern Conference standings. They need Rose to step up his game now, and not leave it, more than ever.