Whenever the topic of colleges paying athletes arises, we always seem to reach the same conclusion: in a perfect world, this wouldn't be happening, but look around you.

It's a deep, complicated situation, with many different variables at hand. How much should students make? Which athletes should see a cut? Should big school athletes see as much as the smaller school athletes?

Apparently for Derek Carr, it's more cut and dry than that. 

Oakland's quarterback believes, regardless of logistics, students simply must see some of the money these schools are making. 


Carr's got a point. 

You can't be surprised that a former college athlete would fight for current student athletes everywhere, as he knows the struggle. The only difference is, not everybody that plays college football turns into the multi-millionaire that the MVP candidate is. 

Carr isn't the first athlete to take this stance, and he won't be the last. While the cost of education is extreme, it's not even a fraction of the money these schools are making from their athletes' exploits.

At the very least, remove the minutiae that causes free meals to be NCAA violations. It's the literal least you can do.

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