​Falcons head coach Dan Quinn said under no circumstances did he intend on playing songs by Future to annoy Russell Wilson when the Seahawks visit Atlanta for their playoff game.

Some say that's a mistake. Others think it's the right call. In the end, Quinn may not even have a say in the matter.

Jay Envy, the official Falcons DJ, has other ideas in mind, including an already-created Future Mix for Russell playlist.

​​Future, of course, was at one point engaged to Ciara, Wilson's current wife, and jokes aimed at Wilson on social media about the situation have become commonplace.

Despite Quinn not finding it worth the effort to play Future, Jay Envy talked to ​Complex and said he fully intends to play Future throughout the game.

Granted, there is some additional context. Future is a hometown hero, a superstar from Atlanta. And as Envy mentioned to Complex, he frequently plays Future at every home game. Not playing Future would actually be more of a change.

The fact Russell Wilson will be there for it is just a happy accident. Wonder what Ciara thinks too?