​Looks like the beef with Donald Trump runs deeper than Hollywood. 

The Chicago Cubs finally won the World Series this year. Of course, the event took place the same year America elected a reality TV star to become President. There's been a lot of outcry against Trump in the entertainment industry, and it has extended to the sports world. 

The Cavaliers moved up their plans to visit the White House to avoid Trump, and the Chicago Cubs have decided to follow suit. 

The Cubs will visit Obama at the White House on Monday. That falls three days before the inauguration of Donald Trump. Clearly the Cubs wanted to avoid meeting the controversial new President. Obama offered them the opportunity to come visit before he left office. 

This could be an interesting topic going forward. Will the champions of the sports world be willing to visit Donald Trump? Will the media pressure every team to boycott the White House? 

We certainly live in a divided nation, and this could be a source of tension going forward. Certain teammates would love to visit Trump, while others are disgusted by the thought of him being in the White House. 

Only time will tell what future champions decide to do.