​NBA players are pulling out all the stops to land All-Star votes from fans.

And in the case of DeMarcus Cousins, he's ready to let his pipes be heard across the country if he heads to New Orleans for the All-Star Game next month. 

​​Now this would be something worth voting Cousins for, right? 

Imagine the Sacramento forward stepping in front of a microphone and putting forth his best Chris Brown or Usher impersonation. It'd be epic.

“I think I can sing," Cousins told reporters on Tuesday. "I should release this album. You know what, I got a deal for everyone: If you guys make me a starter in this year’s All Star Game, I will release my R&B album. And it won’t be an April Fools joke this time.”

It'd be nice to hear Cousins sing a different tune for sure.