​This story is just flat out, absolutely, no going around it, brutal.

Ramon Rondo spent his highly-anticipated bobblehead night riding the pine once again as a result of another DNP-CD.

For the sake of Rondo, I would like to dub Coach Fred Hoiberg a heartless soul, because that has got to be one of the more humiliating things a professional athlete could possibly endure.

Can't you just put the poor guy in for a minute? That would at least get a hilarious, probably very sarcastic cheer, that would at least bring some humor to this crazy awkward situation.

Sure, the Derrick Rose "disappearing act" situation is a wild one in NYC, but this Chi-Town nightmare is an entirely different level of weird.

Imagine being a young child at this game. You're all excited you got this guy's bobblehead and you ask your mom or dad to point out where he is, and they're just like, "Oh, that's him wayyy down there at the end of the bench. He'll be there all night."

​​Too wild. Hang in there, Rondo. You're a "did play, coach's decision" in all of (probably not true) our hearts.