There were two Giants teams we got to see this year. The team that exceeded everyone's expectations, beating a number of playoff teams including the otherwise-undefeated Cowboys. 

Or, they could be the unprofessional team that acts like a middle school team when they lose.

Guess which one we saw after the Giants lost against Green Bay in the playoffs?

You guessed it; New York acted like sore losers again. They showed just how professional they were by trashing their airplane. 


That's how you prove you belong there. 

Not only did the Giants lose, but they delayed an entire flight for hours so that the crew at the Newark airport could clean after their mess. 



We've already seen how this team acts at times. OBJ's meltdowns all season, then the boat trip before their big playoff game, and now this. Normally you see teams destroy planes when they win in joy.

Not the Giants. 

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