​Bill Belichick is many things, but he isn't very talkative. 

During press conferences, you can normally catch the best coach in the league giving one word answers or mumbling about how they're moving on to next week. He rarely shows emotion, and if he does, it's rarely anything that would ever make someone laugh. 

Or something that would call out another team. Today, Belichick did both. 

When talking about next week's matchup against Houston, Belichick said he already started planning prior to Sunday's games, just because he knew how badly the Steelers would beat the Dolphins. 


Look, we all figured Pittsburgh would blow out the Dolphins. We just don't have to gameplan a day early to do it. 

Even though he doesn't ever speak, he's still not afraid to speak his mind. The Dolphins got blown out twice by the Pats this season, and they clearly didn't impress Belichick along the way. 

You can say whatever you want about Belichick, but he isn't really wrong.

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