Has Joel Embiid disappointed anyone?

Aside from sitting out his first two NBA seasons, ​the man has done absolutely nothing to make ANYBODY unhappy. He's playing great basketball and he's a hilarious presence on social media.

After putting up 20 points in the 76ers victory over the Nets on Sunday, Embiid hit a parlay by letting the world know he ain't messing around. And he proved that no other way than by being the social media GOAT.

Former adult film star Mia Khalifa is a huge sports fan and has gotten even more famous in the sports world for unearthing Ole Miss QB Chad Kelly's DM debacle. But now it's Khalifa who is the butt end of the latest joke.

She tried calling out Embiid, and it didn't go so well. Props to her for showing everyone, too.

Here's the original Instagram post:

Khalifa's caption on the picture of 76ers players read, "Room full of L's." Embiid fired back with the classic D joke and said "Says the women with miles of D." While his use of "women" was wrong, th

Hey, Joel, whether you get voted into the ASG or not, you're still an All-Star in my book.