5 NFL Stars Who Should Retire This Offseason

It's never easy to walk into the sunset. These players have spent their entire lives playing football. Knowing when to quit isn't the easiest thing, but you have to fade off into retirement sometime. Here are 5 NFL players who should call it quits after this season. 

5. Julius Peppers

Peppers is one player who openly admitted he isn't 100 percent committed to returning next season. He's still productive, which comes to no surprise as he's one of the top pass rushers of all time. If he retired following this season, he would finish with the fifth most sacks of all time. Not a bad career. 

4. Carson Palmer

Some players retire because of their age. Some retire because of their health. Others retire because they can't just hack it anymore. Palmer falls under all three of those categories. He's 36, had numerous injuries over the course of his career, and simply didn't produce this season. It's time to move on from football. 

3. Frank Gore

Gore was one of the brightest stars on the Colts this season, something that normally doesn't happen with a 33-year-old RB. The shelf life of a running back is never as high as it is with other positions, making Gore a candidate to walk away from the game this offseason. 

2. James Harrison

The Steelers' defense just won't look the same without Harrison, but we all have to accept the change at some point. Harrison has the opportunity to walk away after a Super Bowl victory, just like Jerome Bettis did when the Steelers won the title for the 2005 season. If Pittsburgh does bring the Lombardi Trophy home, expect that to be the final game of his career.

1. DeMarcus Ware

Ware is one player who claims he's coming back, but should certainly walk away from the game. Injuries hampered the star pass rusher all season, which is only going to get worse as he gets older. Instead of becoming one of those players who plays until his numbers aren't what they used to, he should leave while he's still on top. 


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