Shaman is a Tier 1 deck in almost every season as nothing seems to stop him. In the Old Gods expansion and the Karazhan adventure, he received some ridiculously strong cards that made him tier 1 again. Shaman just needs a few tweaks here and there to make him a much more reasonable choice in Hearthstone.

Let's try to fix some of the strong cards from shaman

Spirit Claws

The war axe for Shaman is 1 mana. This is a joke early weapon removal and also a good burst for the opponent. I think that the 2 damage while you have spell damage, will at least lessen the amount of damage towards the opponent and make things bearable at the start.


Maelstrom Portal

Shaman took the best portal from Karazhan. This AOE damage can do an early good clear and win the board so easy in early or sometimes in late game also with the help of spell totem.

If we change this card so it's not AOE damage, it will make this card more balanced especially since the Shaman has plenty of AOE cards.


Thing From Below

This card is ridiculous. We don't think there is a good nerf for this card because if we

make him only taunt 6 5/5, it will be a dead card so at least make it 4/4 which is still playable, but not as broken.


Blizzard is all about creating new decks and new card power spikes so that the game is constantly changing for the better. Shaman has had plenty of time as a Tier 1 deck and it's time for him to be nerfed a bit, so other decks get a chance to shine.