Everyone's favorite NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has touched down in Seattle for Saturday's Seahawks-Lions Wild Card game.

That knowledge was made possible thanks to Goodell himself with a tweet from the sky. Of course, if this was a friend, our first thought might be something like "wow" or "neat" or "fun!"

Since it's the commissioner, this bird's eye view of Seattle brings out first thoughts more along the line of "hatred" and "burn the city down" and "the west coast is now dead to me."

In the spirit of Roger Goodell posting, let's take a look at how excited others around the country are about the arrival of the commish.

Of course, the name Goodell always includes an obligatory comment on Deflategate.

It's true. Can't say I've ever heard of a "Mt. Rainer"; seems like Goodell is one PS"I" away from the real thing.

Then there's the well wishes.

​​Ah yes, that's another cold (or warm) place Roger has a timeshare in as far as all every NFL fan ever is concerned.

Some people were in such disbelief they couldn't even handle it.

Surely, that was in a very positive tone. A gossippy, "OMG shut up".

Or something more along the lines of this.

One thing is for sure; wherever Roger Goodell goes, an angry mob will follow in droves.

​​Mr. Clean, your thoughts?

​​Woof, your thoughts are bad.

​​Could not have said it better myself. 

Also, does this mean we can say that even Advil hates Roger Goodell? It may be just be this dude's Twitter handle, but he's got the blue check mark, so this kind of feels like an epic opportunity to say that even a company that makes a living treating headaches can't deal with the headache that is Commissioner Goodell.