​P.J. Fleck became one of the more sought after coaching commodities this year after leading Western Michigan to a 13-1 season. 

Fleck helped create a strong culture in Kalamazoo, he was able to get his teams to rally around his famed slogan. 


Fleck decided to move on from Western Michigan to more snowy pastures at Minnesota. Unfortunately, he can't take his famous motto with him.

So Western Michigan basically ruined everything by trademarking it. Is the next coach really going to stick with a slogan he didn't come up with? 

It'll be interesting to see how that plays out. 

In the meantime, let's help P.J. Fleck come up with a new slogan, here's some ideas.

Those are some great ones, shovel the damn snow could not be more true or perfect. 

If P.J. Fleck was able to come up with Row the Boat, then surely he can come up with something a little more geared toward the state of Minnesota.

Hopefully he can take Minnesota football o new heights with or without a new moniker for his program.