Top 5 Emotes We Would Like to See in Overwatch

Before you know it, we will have another event on the way. Here are some of the top five emotes I think could be a good addition when the time comes.

5. No, No, No

I think it would be cool to have some sort of disappointing shake of the finger for every time you sleep an enemy during their ultimate as Ana or trap a sneaky Tracer as Junkrat. 

Each Character has their own semi-taunt such as Reaper's slow clap, but a general shut-down taunt for every character would be nice.

4. Torbjorn and the Kids

In the winter comic we saw Torbjorn with his wife while Reinhardt read to their children. It would be cool to see and emote where Torbjorn pulls out his wallet and out pops a long roll of pictures of his children, and his turret for laughs.

3. Angelic Mercy

We have seen Mercy many times depicted as a glowing angelic figure that comes to save the day, especially in some of the animated short. I think an emote where Mercy floats in the air and radiates a light from her wings while her halo glows would be a well deserved emote for those Mercy mains.

2. Zenyatta the Juggler

Junkrat already has an emote where he juggles his grenades and one explodes; what about one for Zenyatta where he juggles his orbs and throws them in the air only for them to resume around his neck?

1. Sombra's Web of Lies

Granted she is a fairly new character, but Sombra does have fewer emotes than other characters. I think an emote where Sombra opens up a holographic sphere around her with all the connected images from the animated short would be really cool. 

Sombra's ability alone is unique and she is definitely deserving of a unique emote.