Blizzard is the king of adding cool little tidbits that go along with what is happening in the real world and they will do this without telling anyone and let us have fun discovering them.

The latest little content addition that Blizzard added deals with the new year just beginning and involves our favorite characters getting some interesting voice lines.

Redditor DeadGirlDreaming has compiled a list with some of these new voice lines that deal with our heroes commenting about new year resolutions or making their own.

This is a really cool thing Blizzard has done as it helps us to relate to these characters even more when they are talking about the same subject we are probably talking about at this time.

My favorite of these new voice lines is Lucio's "My new year's resolution? Hmm. New skates for all of the kids in the neighborhood." 

It fits his character perfectly as you know Lucio would be that awesome dude to buy all the kids he knows skates just so that they all can have a good time together.

I would say this is another win for Blizzard in the content department, even if it is just some voice lines.

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