Who didn't love Bull Durham

Better yet, whose eyes don't swell up a bit at the end of Field of Dreams? And then there is For the Love of the Game....okay, they can't all be home runs, pun intended.

But it appears baseball acting-icon Kevin Costner is going to make another baseball movie and this one is sure to please audiences, especially in Chicago.

In an interview with Larry King way back in April of 2016, Costner revealed, "I've got one more in me, it has to do with the Cubs."

And he just reiterated it.



There are no details just yet about the movie or whether the film has even started production but what we do know is Costner picked the perfect time to make a Cubs-themed baseball movie. The Cubs, baseball's lovable losers, just won their first World Series in 108 years this past October.

With the recent Cubs World Series celebration and the success of Costner's former baseball movies, all I can say is this: If he films it, we will come.....to the movies and give it a watch.

Get cracking before the Cubs go back-to-back, Kev!