​There's no doubt about it: Deshaun Watson is a dual-threat quarterback who could potentially give this young Ohio State team a hard time given the opportunity.

Raekwon McMillian proved during the Buckeyes’ final game of the regular season, however, that he could be just the guy to stop him. On a play where Jerome Baker attacked the center, McMillan shot through the A-gap, straight on to Wilton Speight.

But while it was solid hit, what was truly impressive was McMillan’s attack on the ball, extending his left arm just enough to deflect Speight’s pass. That kind of forward thinking will be an asset against Jackson, who’s much more versatile than Speight.

Taking out Watson could give the Buckeyes the edge in this showdown and a chance to once again face the Crimson Tide. And it may all come down to this feisty LB.