The 5-10 San Diego Chargers will take on the Kansas City Chiefs late Sunday afternoon. There will be no division titles to play for on San Diego's shoulders. No playoff games to prepare for. Just the final game of a tough regular season.

Still, for Melvin Gordon, it was important that he take the field with his teammates for that final game. To just finish the season.

“I’m sitting there watching the Cleveland game, and I was just disgusted with just not being able to go out there and help. And I hate being on the sideline feeling helpless,” Gordon said Thursday. “There’s nothing worse than that feeling. So, if I can go out there, and I can just help try to contribute, I’ve got to at least try. I’ve got to try at least.”

But his injuries have officially prevented him doing that and head coach Mike McCoy made the decision to hold him out of the final game, one the came out of Gordon “not being 100 percent and where we thought we needed him to be to be Melvin.”

So the Chargers will play their final game at home in Qualcomm Stadium, but they’ll have to do it without Gordon and a handful of others. And it's possible Melvin will never make it back to San Diego, if the squad moves.

Had to happen, though.