​When a legend talks, the world tends to take note of what they say, and lately, Naoki "Nemo" Nemoto has been doing a lot of talking about Season 2 of Street Fighter V.

In a recent ​interview with AlienWare, Nemo talked about who he currently considers to be the top 5 best characters in SFV.

Nemo kicked off his list with Zangief, who was previously the game's worst character, at No. 5. Nemo cited significant buffs to 'Gief's normal attacks, lariat attack, headbutt and the positioning post-Spinning Pile Driver as reasons why Gief could be the character to fear most in Season 2.

Next up was Ibuki, who received a health buff, forward dash speed up, and faster normal attack. Out of the characters he mentioned, Nemo seemed least confident about her placement.

After was Rashid, whose damage output, projectile evasiveness, and V-Trigger were all significantly improved. 

Seeing as how some of the game's best characters have projectiles, Nemo sees Rashid as not only being a strong character in his own right, but a go-to counter pick. 

Nemo's own character choice in Season 2, Urien, was ranked No. 2 due to improvements to his normal attacks, increased health, and improved juggle properties.

Lastly, Nemo listed Guile as the game's best character, due to his projectile zoning, V-Trigger, and normal attacks being improved to the point of potentially being overwhelming. One look at another fighting game legend's Guile shows that Nemo could be right about this one.

Noticeably absent was Season 2's newest addition, Akuma, but Nemo says he is certainly a character to be on the lookout for. 

It'll be interesting to see how Nemo's opinions hold up during the next year.