​Well, Patriots fans, it looks like there's a change coming in New England.

While Tom Brady and Co. are 13-2 and remain the favorites to win the Super Bowl, all may not be as well in 2017.

With a number of head coaching jobs expected to be available this offseason, you know other teams are going to inquire about the guys on Bill Belichick's staff.

And apparently one of them is likely to leave.

"Josh McDaniels should have his choice of jobs this year and he is likely to take one," writes Ben Volin of the Boston Globe. "There’s talk about McDaniels going somewhere in a package deal with Jimmy Garoppolo, but that’s not as high on McDaniels’s priorities as are the team’s ownership, organizational structure, and talent on the roster. The Jaguars and Cardinals, should that job come open, look to be the best fits for McDaniels. Don’t expect him to take a job in the AFC East or with any of the Patriots’ rivals (such as the Colts)."

So it looks like McDaniels is reportedly ready to become a head coach again after his stint with the Denver Broncos. Perhaps the Chargers could be a fit if the team fires Mike McCoy, especially after the team lost to the Browns on Saturday. Perhaps the Saints if the Sean Payton rumors end up being true?

Who knows, but it's increasingly likely McDaniels will not be calling the plays in New England next season.