5 Star NFL Free Agents Who Will Change Teams This Offseason

Unlike the other major sports, big names rarely move from team to team during the NFL season. The trade deadline is constantly a snooze fest, saving plenty of drama for the offseason. With plenty of contracts coming to an end, you can bet on some big names switching jerseys this offseason. Here are five big names who will be moving teams this offseason. 

5. Jamie Collins

Collins was one big name who moved during the season, going from best to worst and ending up in Cleveland. He's one of the best defenders on the team, but he may not be there for long. He clearly isn't the same player in a vacuum as he is when there's talent around him, proving that last week when he was Pro Football Focus' lowest-graded outside linebacker. It's motivation, to be sure. Unless the Browns want to invest their future in someone who hasn't proven he can play in Cleveland, they'll be ending their relationship quickly. 

4. DeSean Jackson

There have already been a ton of rumors floating around Jackson's time in Washington coming to an end. If you want to know where he could be ending up, just ask Eagles fans. During their matchup against the Redskins, Jackson was the only player that wasn't booed by the usually-brutal Philly fans. It isn't guaranteed he'll be heading back to the Eagles, but it's almost certain he won't be heading back to Washington. 

3. Chandler Jones

Jones is one of the best free agent defenders available this offseason, and is still clearly in his prime. With the Cardinals tight on cap space while also having a number of players hitting free agency, including Calais Campbell, it'll be hard for them to bring him back. Either Campbell or Jones will be hitting the free agent market, with Jones the more likely option, as his asking price will be much higher. 

2. Alshon Jeffery

Jeffery's contract situation was a huge storyline for the Bears this offseason, with the wideout clearly frustrated about receiving a franchise tag instead of a long-term deal. How did he respond? By putting up less-than-mediocre numbers and receiving a four-game suspension. He's still talented and will be much better off with a talented quarterback, so there will be teams who will welcome Jeffery to their team with open arms. 

1. Adrian Peterson

There are always players who just look weird while wearing another jersey. After a year where the aging running back spent the majority of the season on the IR, Minnesota will almost certainly not be exercising their $11 million option on him. Someone will give one of the best running backs in the league another shot, but his days as a Viking are numbered. 

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