​The heroes of Overwatch are all voiced by very interesting and diverse people. 

One of these people is Charlet Chung who is the voice actress for everyone's former pro gamer, D.Va. She sat down with ​YouTuber Sound Haus and discussed a wide array of questions that were compiled by Sound Haus from Reddit. 

Chung elaborates on the voice acting community and how it is a very tight knit group. Chung explains that getting into voice acting is very hard, but once you have established yourself as a talented professional you will always be a part of the inclusive and helpful community. 

Chung also speaks about the high level of humility that is shown by the majority of voice actors and actresses. 

The success of Overwatch and her character D.Va has opened up more opportunities for Chung in other voice acting endeavors. 

When asked about the weirdest item a fan has asked her to sign Chung talks about the time at Blizzcon where a fan asked her to sign a broken off mannequin hand and how she will never forget that experience. 

The wide diversity of the Overwatch roster helped Chung feel equal with her co-actors as no one was the leading person and they all had important characters that help make Overwatch the success that it is. She says that Overwatch was the first time in her 11 years of acting where she truly felt like a part of a project and did not feel like a second class citizen. 

Chung tells us that the first character she played on Overwatch was D.Va but she soon got annoyed with hearing her own voice all the time and that she is now a Roadhog main.

​​Chung tells us that she has no plans to deliver some voice lines while playing Overwatch, such as some of her co-actors have done, but that it is totally not out of the question for the future!

When asked about her favorite lines for D.Va Chung explains that she loves all of them because they reflect video game culture and that a lot of the lines are almost inside jokes for players to enjoy. 

While there is some stuff I did not touch on from the interview these were the biggest topic points in regards to Overwatch and D.Va and why Charlet Chung has a massive fan base due to her amazing character.