​This would be utterly insane. 

The Pittsburgh Pirates have been looking to deal superstar outfielder Andrew McCutchen pretty much all offseason, and according to reports, they are inching closer and closer to a blockbuster deal. 

These rumors suggest that the deal would be a ridiculous three-team deal that would include White Sox star pitcher Jose Quintana as well. 

​​Basically as of right now, the White Sox would be sending Quintana out to Pittsburgh for a plethora of prospects, while the former NL MVP would be heading to...

The AL East, and the New York Yankees. 

​​That's right, the Pirates would get a 2016 All-Star, the Yanks would get a former MVP center fielder, and the White Sox would get an unreal package of prospects headlined by top pitching prospect Tyler Glasnow and Yanks 2016 first rounder Blake Rutherford. 

​​The one thing that doesn't completely line up is receiving Quintana for Glasnow. Is Pittsburgh really close enough to contention to jettison a major league-ready starter for an ace? Perhaps they've simply lost faith in Glasnow.

This could be the trade of the year. Nay, trade of the decade. 

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