​RFRESH Entertainment is a new media company that is looking to invest into esports. The company has decided to help out four team owned brands. These brands include Astralis, GODSENT, Heroic and Norse. 

On top of their press release yesterday stating they will invest 28 million dollars into helping these four teams, they also had an AMA on Reddit. Nobody really knew the true intentions of RFRESH after the press release so the AMA was very informative for the community. 

During the AMA RFRESH was asked "How do you decide what teams to work with?

RFRESH responded by stating they started with Scandinavian teams because of the deep player talent pool and is interested in expanding to France or North America which will be good for the infrastructure of esports. 

Another redditor asked "Why CS:GO?"

Nikolaj Nyholm (CEO of RFRESH) answered "We believe that CS:GO has the best long-term potential among a broad audience." so it looks like RFRESH is here to stay for the long haul.

 One of the first questions was "How do you plan to avoid conflicts of interest?" 

This is an important question with all the CS:GO drama this year and RFRESH stated that the teams will operate independently and there will be no influence over tournaments. 

Someone brought up an important subject by asking "Do you get anything other than shares in those teams?"

RFRESH asnwered perfectly again by saying "We don't have shares in any of the teams at the moment, even though we will be open and not rule that out for the future."

The funniest question of the day was "Why invest in other teams instead of making your own?"

Nikolaj Nyholm of course brought up a good point that "I'm ranked lower than my 14y-old" so he wouldn't go very far making his own team and competing against these brands. 

It looks like RFRESH is trying to make a healthy impact on esports with no shady business which is "refreshing" for the industry.