CS:GO is growing rapidly which means that the industry is trying to find a way to stabilize and expand into a healthy ecosystem for the coming years of esports. One of the associations trying to create this is the Professional Esports Association​ or PEA. 

PEA works with the largest esports organizations in North America such as Cloud9, Team Liquid, NRG, TSM, CLG, Immortals and compLexity. The PEA's goals were to found an association that gave the say to players and shared the profits between organizations. 

It looks like PEA has fallen short from those goals. 

Now that ESL Pro League (EPL) and PEA are conflicting with each other PEA has expressed their advice to drop out of EPL for all PEA participating teams. 

Obviously this isn't beneficial for any of the PEA teams to drop out from EPL, but PEA is trying to contractually force out teams from the league. 

The teams aren't going to stand for the decisions PEA are making and we could see a players' union coming soon. If anything it looks like PEA is going to get backlash from the community.