​They say that the holiday season is a time for giving. Well, for Houston Rockets owner Leslie Alexander is certainly taking that to heart. 

Alexander announced on Tuesday that he would be donating a total of $4 million to eight undetermined charities in the Houston area.

Since Alexander took over the team in 1993, he started the Clutch City Foundation which helps benefits programs for kids in the area. 

When asked about his most recent donation, Alexander said, "You should have an obligation in your own mind to constantly give back...when I bought the team, I said we’d try to do two things, give back to the community and win. And we keep trying to do that.”

They have the winning going for them this season for sure, and this donation is an extraordinary act of generosity that will certainly positively impact the community.

Although no specific charities have been clarified yet, Alexander hopes to help organizations that work with immigrants and orphaned animals.