6 Best Centers in the NBA

Recently, Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert was asked who he thinks is the best center in the league right now, and he answered honestly: himself. Some might think that's a bit arrogant, but it's the kind of answer you want any player on your team to have. Plus, in all fairness to Gobert, he is having a very solid season in which he could very well be considered a top 10 center after this year. So in wake of his comments, let's rank the six best centers in the NBA. 

6. Hassan Whiteside

Man, Hassan Whiteside has had one of the roughest starts to an NBA career ever. After being selected in the second round by the Sacramento Kings, Whiteside dealt with injuries and constantly being either released or traded from a myriad of  D-League and international teams. Finally, the Miami Heat decided to give him a chance and they haven't looked back. On top of being a phenomenal scorer and rebounder, Whiteside has also quickly proven to be one of the elite defenders in the league. Don't be too surprised to see him higher up on lists like these in the near future. 

5. DeAndre Jordan

In the last four years, DeAndre Jordan has evolved into one of the best centers in the league. Not only has his defensive and rebounding game improved immensely, but he also may very well be the most efficient scorer in the league, despite the fact that he has absolutely no jump shot. Regardless, Jordan has become an essential piece to the Los Angeles Clippers emergence as one of the best teams in the league over the last few years. 

4. Andre Drummond

Since entering the league, Andre Drummond has been quite an imposing figure. The 6-11 2012 first-round pick just might be the best rebounder in the league today, as well as one of the most ferocious dunkers. But perhaps the scariest thing about Drummond is the fact that he's only 23, meaning that if he reaches his full potential, he could very well be a future Hall of Famer in the making. 

3. Karl-Anthony Towns

Although he's only been in the league for roughly two seasons now, Karl-Anthony Towns is quickly proving to be one of the best scoring centers in the league. In fact, an argument could easily be made that he's the second best scoring center behind the No. 1 center on this list. The only thing holding him back from being second on this list is his defense, which isn't bad, but also isn't great. However, he's only 21, meaning there's still plenty of time for his defense to improve. Towns could very well become the best offensive center in the league by as early as next season, and if he can improve his defense enough, just might find himself at the top of virtually every top centers list in the near future. 

2. Al Horford

The one thing that sets Al Horford apart from virtually every other center in the league is his versatility. The man simply has no holes in his game. For a while, people were saying that the two things he's not very good at is three-point shooting and blocking, two things he has been doing a lot of this year as a member of the Boston Celtics. He's about the closest things you'll find resembling a perfect center in the NBA today. While he'll probably never lead the league in any particular category, that doesn't diminish the fact that he'll probably find himself in the Hall of Fame some day.

1. DeMarcus Cousins

Is this really that big of a surprise? DeMarcus Cousins is hands down the most dominant scoring center in the NBA, to the point that most people don't notice that he's only an above average defender. Although others argue that's mostly due to the fact that he plays for the Sacramento Kings and that if he actually played for a competitive team, he could possibly become a great defender. Until that day, we'll just have to marvel at Cousins' ridiculous offensive prowess. With the recent addition of the thee-pointer to his game, Cousins has become virtually impossible to defend. If he were to ever find himself on a competitive team with a real supporting cast to work with, it's truly terrifying to think about how much better he could possibly become.