​We've seen a lot of crazy cleats this season. While many have tried to show off style with their pregame cleats, it's pretty much been a two-man race between Antonio Brown and Von Miller for the best cleats in the game.

After this week, it's not longer a competition. Von Miller has separated himself from the pack. 

Earlier this season, Miller donned spiked cleats against the Raiders. Last week, he wore cleats with feathers on it. Somehow, he topped them all. 

Miller is rocking fur cleats this week. 

​​You probably could've figured this out on your own, but these cleats are not allowed to be worn during Sunday's matchup against the Patriots. 

Week after week, Miller has raised the bar with his pregame cleats. It's going to be hard, but you've gotta be excited for next week's cleats. Miller's going to come out with alligator skin cleats or something even more outrageous. 

For now, these have to be the most outrageous cleats yet. 

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