​There are still some people who are somehow arguing that Tom Brady isn't the greatest of all time. 

We all know about Brady's past. Yes, he's won a number of Super Bowls. Yes, he's been the league's MVP several times. Of course, we all know he has the most wins of all time. None of this is news. 

His stats and hardware speak for themselves, but it's been his performance this season that has made the list of those who deny his greatness to grow smaller and smaller by the week.  

Brady now has one Hall of Famer on his side. 

Fran Tarkenton is finally convinced. He believes Brady is the best of all time. 

​​It only took the 39-year old QB to lead the MVP voting even after a four-game suspension. 

It's shocking to see Tarkenton put Brady on the top of the position that has had many greats. It's been no secret that the Hall of Famer strongly believes another QB has done more than all the rest. 

Anytime you can get someone who believes they're the best of all time to concede, you must be doing something right. It's about time more people have been getting on board. 

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