​After inking the largest deal for a relief pitcher ever, Aroldis Chapman is not taking his offseason workouts lightly. 

It's no surprise Chapman can throw so hard so frequently after seeing how much he can bench. Just check out his ridiculous Instagram stories.

​​Aroldis Chapman is a strong man. 

However, a recently-traded Red Sox prospect has somehow decided to take shots at Chapman instead of simply being impressed like the rest of us.

Kind of vague from the former first rounder who was just dealt to Chicago in the Chris Sale deal. Is he simply saying he can't do this? Or something more? 

Luckily, Kopech wasn't done.

Oh, cool! He clarified things and made them worse.

Michael Kopech hasn't thrown a pitch in the majors and is calling out the best closer in the game.

Maybe Kopech is angry he was traded to the White Sox and is taking his frustration out on other pitchers? 

Regardless, it's not a good look for a young player to act as if he deserves to work harder than a reliever just because he starts. Perhaps that's why Chapman's elite in the first place.