​Alliance is an esports brand that many fans recognize. The team's Dota 2 legacy can't be described as anything less than legendary, and they're also the group that sponsors the iconic Melee player Adam "Armada" Lindgren.

Well, Alliance has split apart from long-time owning company Twitch. The brand has gotten massively popular, and it doesn't need the crutches provided by another company.

Aggressively loyal to their roots, Alliance determined that the best way to keep Alliance interests within Alliance was by making sure that it was owned by its own players and creators. The original members of Alliance and Armada all own a percentage of the company now.

In the official release, Erik Barge, COO of Alliance, thanked Twitch for helping Alliance grow into the company it is today.

Jonathan Berg, a co-owner of Alliance and their Dota 2 Team Captain, has said that their recent expansion into Hearthstone is only the first of many esports that they intend to now expand into.

Though I personally don't follow Dota 2 and don't like Armada too much, this is still an amazing development overall for the brand, and I'm really excited to see how they branch out from here.