The Heisman candidates were announced earlier on Monday, with Louisville QB Lamar Jackson, Clemson QB Deshaun Watson, Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield and WR Dede Westbrook and Michigan do-everything player Jabrill Peppers selected for the awards show. 

That last one was met with uproar.

Peppers’ Heisman campaign functioned on a platform that pushed his versatility as opposed to his statistics. He boasted 71 tackles in 12 games, which was good for second on his team and 32nd in the Big Ten. He had 3.5 sacks, coming in at 35th in the conference. He was tied for fourth in the B1G with 15 tackles for loss. On offense, he got 27 carries for 167 yards and 3 touchdowns.

Like I said, none of those stats were wildly impressive. Still, there’s no denying Peppers’ is arguably the best athlete in college football, but "athlete" is not a position on the field.

As we wait to find out who will win the Heisman, Michigan Football shared this gif of Peppers’ executing a flea flicker against the Maryland Terrapins.

Peppers can do many things. Ohio State fans made sure to hit them Michigan with some facts about what else he can do. 

​​Or how he got burned by OSU quarterback J.T. Barrett.

​​Or how all he did in that gif was throw a backward pass. 

They also mentioned things he can't do. 

And when a Michigan fan tried to argue about what the Heisman is all about, they shut that down real quick, too.

I think they'll just have to agree to disagree, just like most things, I'm sure.