​This is the most relatable an NBA player has ever been.

J.R. Smith is known for his silly, ridiculous screw-ups. This one, though, might be his finest hour yet. Or his unfinest hour.

That's the epitome of J.R. Smith, and possibly his most classic move ever.​​

We've all stopped to have conversations with friends, it's a natural human instinct. But you usually don't do that during a professional basketball game that's being televised.

Smith starts to chat up Jason Terry of the Bucks, lost in his own world, and Terry allows it to keep going, sensing what's coming.

Suddenly the ball appears, landing directly in the hands of a Bucks player who took his time moving to the basket, completely undefended. He makes the shot with hilarious, embarrassing ease.

The best part? Smith's outstretched arm as a last-minute attempt at defense as the ball is already going into the basket, followed by his arms outstretched in confusion, as though he thought time itself would just stop for him to say what up to a friend.

At this point, it seems the best way to gameplan for Smith is just to figure out new, unusual distractions. In the Cavs' next game, watch for the opposing team to give Smith a sandwich and score three-pointers while he sits on the court and eats.